Hygienist Darleta Hurt

Darleta Hurt

We want to introduce you to Darleta. Darleta has been working with us as your dental hygienist since 2009.

The thing she loves most about working at Angus Dentistry is the long-lasting relationships that she has built – sometimes with several generations of family members.

If she were to recommend one product to her patients it would be an electric toothbrush. Using the right brush can significantly increase plaque removal and stimulate gum tissue thus decreasing the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity. She helps her patients understand that being proactive in prevention reflects whole-body health. Learn more about preventive care.

When Darleta is not being a rockstar in our office, she is out rock climbing at Peak Experiences or traveling to West Virginia’s New River Gorge and Utah to climb.

She loves dates mountain biking with her husband at Pocahontas State Park and taking their dog for walks on the Potterfield Bridge.