Hygienist Patricia Strider

Patricia Strider

Raised in Midlothian, Virginia, Patricia Strider has worked as a hygienist for over 10 years. As a child, Patricia remembers going to Angus Dentristry and loving the friendly environment of the office.

Their staff welcomed her as a patient and treated her like a family member. These events shaped her passion for helping others and led her to pursue a career in the dental field.

After studying at East Carolina University, Patricia got married and had three children. Her family lived in North Carolina and then California. In an effort to be closer to their family, The Striders relocated back to Midlothian.

Although this is her first year at Angus Dentristry, her previous experiences have made her an expert in her field. Her charismatic and kind demeanor is demonstrated through her work as it allows her to connect with her patients and create a calming environment for them. In addition to her love for people, Patricia is an avid animal-lover and an owner of three rescue dogs.